ACP Quality Produce

Purveyors of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

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Bulk strawberries all Summer!

Wholesale Fruit & Veg Supplies

Wholesale supplier of Fruit & Veg

We are a local independent business in the wholesale supply of food to retail and catering businesses around Oxfordshire.

We retain valuable and trusted sources in the import and farming communities, especially in the Vale of Evesham. We strive to meet any demand for a huge range of raw produce, fruit, salads and vegetable products, from everyday budget items to rare and heritage varieties.

Product groups include:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Exotic and Heritage products
  • Herbs and pre-packed salads

If you need bulk raw ingredients for your business, you can count on ACP! 

Photo Gallery

Wholesale pack sizes - potatoes by the sackload!
Plenty of mushrooms
Mixed pallet ready to go
Fresh seasonal strawberries