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Reducing food waste through quality produce

School and College Fruit & Veg Supplies

Wholesale Fruit & Veg supplier to Schools and Colleges

We can advise seasonality and availability to help with your daily and weekly menu planning (including special diet requirements).

Throughout each term, we can advise on the most cost-effective products to meet Food Stands Agency standards and portion sizes, and still stay within your budgetary requirements. Our flexible sourcing and delivery services help you provide students with freshly-prepared meals every day. Where product availability or severe weather problems causes difficulties, we can supply alternatives with the same nutritional quality.

By using our cold-store facilities here in Bicester we can aggregate supplies from multiple sources and deliver to any schedule. For schools with limited kitchen facilities, we offer food-processing such as vacuum-packing, portion-packaging and processing on some fruit, salad and veg such as potato peeling, slicing and chipping.

Our experience in catering for education facilities means we can give the best advice to meet or exceed agency requirements, stay within budgets and provide enjoyable meals with the minimum of waste. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to go through your term's menus and advise how we can help you.

Photo Gallery

Peeled, cut and vacuum-packed potatoes in the chilled store
What kid doesn't look forward to cabbages as good-looking as these?
Friot always in stock, whatever the season
Delicious potatoes, prepped by us